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In my early teenage I read something, didn’t quite understand it, shared with friends and laughed over. In the passage of many years, when I now experience it, I laugh at my childhood for laughing at it. It stated that a person asked a wise man that how did he achieve success and wisdom? The wise man told that it came from right decisions. The person asked how you learned to take right decisions. The wise man told him that he learnt it from wrong decisions. I laughed at the contradiction that how can a person taking wrong decisions be wise and successful in his life.

In the years past, I see a lot of bad decisions I have made during these years. I have always tried to be logical when it comes to decisions, I tend to follow an algorithm while taking a decision and I kind of keep myself from being there in the spur of the moment. Now that when I analyze all that, I realize that the greatest achievements I made in my life were all spontaneous, the joys of happiness were never planned and the things that were planned didn’t work the way they were supposed to for some reason.

These are our choices that make us who we are. If we choose to be there in the moment, if we choose to be spontaneous, we enjoy it all and living moment by moment we live minutes, hours, days and our life eventually. Target setting, a feel of success and accomplishment is very necessary for one to be satisfied with life. But success should be according to your defined parameters, accomplishments should be based on the goals you set for yourself not on the ones others expect from you. Society’s well imposed goals might make you successful in the eyes of the society, you might enjoy that as well for some time but these will not bring happiness to you. As someone said wisely that do not let the opinions of other consume you.

Success is not a destination, it’s a constant journey. You can choose your actions or you can choose your consequences but you cannot choose both. One should be wise while making choices in life for these are our choices that make us who we are. While setting yourself out on life’s road, make sure that this road will lead you to the point where you want to be not to the point where you are being told to reach and it’s then you can always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, it’s then joy gets out in search of you, it’s then you start enjoying your life and it’s then you start living finally.

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