Controversial Scandals

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A couple of months ago, the scandal of Pakistani actress Meera struck the news. In a ‘religious’ state this is not at all acceptable and members of various sects and divisions of the society have passed their ‘negative reviews’ and ‘concerns’ over the controversial video. And for the purpose stated, one has to watch it as well which has not yet been confessed by any member of the respected religious and civil community.

All through my life, I have had the expression that Pakistan was achieved for the implementation of Islamic rules and regulations. At one end of the spectrum, there exists a class that doesn’t allow women to get their faces out of veils. On the other end of the spectrum, there exists a class that doesn’t believe in these outdated customs of the society. In between these two extremes, there has always been a middle class partially supporting both the sides and partially trying to escape through both these, the victims of the both and the confused ones. And this is a global concern, wherever some religious people exist in any part of the world, the same metaphor proves to be true.


The matter of fact is, websites are full of the controversial videos, although banned in Pakistan but easily breached nationwide by Muslims of Islamic Democratic Pakistan. Clips found over there represent the moral character of the nation. The idea of recycling has revolutionized the scientific community and the civilian community has adapted it as well in its own style. Disposable love-relations have made their ways in society termed under the headings of freedom, enjoyment, liberation and love.

Having married someone you love is surely a destination but having someone using your love is relatively an innovative concept. Next is the desire of repeated lovely satisfactions and the recording of those moments as manifestations of the great moments spent together and the cycle goes on. If denied, then one or two clips are uploaded to record the ‘protest against cheating over’. Lives of many persons have been affected by this mere misuse of mobile phone technology as will be the personal life and dying career of the Pakistani actress Meera. Though she doesn’t know how to speak English correctly, though she doesn’t have the common sense of Einstein but that doesn’t rule her out as a human being or at least a lady to be respected.

Islam has stressed enough on the character building of individuals and the society as a whole. We pray, we perform Hajj, we preach religion to others, and we tend to make others embrace Islam. How come we don’t do this to ourselves? Society is nothing but all the individuals in it. In an Islamic state, such incidents freak me out as a researcher of my own religion, culture, traditions and morals.

The emphasis in such a society shouldn’t be on becoming an Islamic society, if the society becomes a ‘human society’ it would mean a lot to everyone living inside this society. And this might reduce the recycling and replacing of trust, love, relations and human beings.



And unfortunately, the phenomena isn’t just about Pakistan only, this is a worldwide phenomenon. When it comes to these issues every state is a stake holder including West, States, Emirates, Africa and the list goes on. This is the issue that belongs to the society of this well-developed, 21st century’s well evolved and progressed earth. And I confess of having breached and visited these sites to have an overview of the players involved in the game.

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