The Habits of my Addictions

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It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past but we cannot relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one.

Almost everyone would agree with the quoted words. How can one not possibly agree with the statement? All that I’ve got in my hands is my present, all that I can feel is my present, and all that I can act upon is the present. Yesterday is indeed history and tomorrow is a mystery. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring and who cares what he ate yesterday. But the gift of the moment is this present, which is why it’s called present.

An idealistically justified and proven case advises people to be there in their present. But on the contrary, people tend to skip the spur of the moment. People can’t bear the loads of present at times, for instance, when you’re struck in a massive traffic jam, when you’re trapped to see a boring movie with friends, when you just have to work in a real hot weather, at times when you feel like doing something but can’t exactly recall what it was, when you’re driving alone and the road reminds you of someone very dear to you and when you’re really upset about mess that came out of your life and you just lean back and dip your soul into the sauce of those beautiful moments that have passed away.

At times I wonder onto the double standards sciences have to offer you. Medical science advises you to be there in your present so to be active and healthy. But to a patient who’s trying to recover from a nervous breakdown, the same science advises him to take his mind off of the hardcore ongoing matters and try to relax his mind. Mind relaxes itself by thinking of the things that give you a feel of peace, happiness and love. When mind does so, it certainly misses the spur of the moment, the gift of ‘now’, commonly known as ‘present’.

Sometimes I question why that person is experiencing a state of being in a ‘nervous breakdown’. There could be very versatile reasons, pressure, depression and anxiety to name a few. Pressure may be of the ongoing situations that a person has to focus when he’s having his ‘present’, failing to rise to the moment might get him depressed and moment to moment ‘presents’ of depression might take him to a closed street where he meets his flight from the ‘present’, which could be termed as nervous breakdown.

What difference it makes if you’re just sitting there doing nothing with the ‘present’ of the present and you lean back thinking of that joyous voice that tunes you, thinking of those glamorous walks that bring you calm, thinking of those moments that soothe you when you waited for her, thinking of the relief of that first sight when you finally saw her and planning of the date you have after a couple of days, what difference would it make if you steal some of the stressful ‘presents’ to transform your state of mind from the taste of anxiety towards the energy to face the presents of stress and to have the energy to move on.

One should happily and deliberately trade a bundle of happiness at the proposed cost, at any cost because…

Sometimes you have to let the ‘present’ go!!

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