General Rules of Loyal Morality

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Islamic Democratic Pakistan is a developing, progressing and emerging country, atleast this is what the statistics say and atleast this is what I have observed all through my life. Still there are a lot of set-backs and a lot of things need to be improved. One of the major set-backs in the country is the power crisis and as a result, we have electrical power load shedding at regular intervals. This is not pleasant undoubtedly but on the brighter aspect, people claim to have discovered their families during these hours of power load shedding more like the concept of ‘family therapy’ in well developed countries, we get this treatment of family therapy forcefully and for free.

During such a session, sitting with my family discussing random topics, there was a discussion on the people who have served Pakistan with their lives, with their properties, with their services, with their intellect and with their love. For instance, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, donated his entire property to the educational institutes but his granddaughter is living an unknown life of misery in the same country that he founded. Soldiers who get martyred and give away their lives for the country enter their names in the list of ‘golden people’ but the families remain in suffering behind them.

While discussion, I said something unintentionally that has kept my attention since that moment. I said that in order to live a prosperous life, one should not be so selfless. I have been wondering about the authority of this statement since that time. We have been taught about not being too selfish, we have been taught to have soft corners for others but a session just ended at a conclusion that we should not be selfless.

Theoretically this is not true but practically I suffered it when I became too selfless to fall in love with her and she couldn’t become too selfless to love me back and I suffered that. I became selfless when I assigned that much of my love, respect, devotion, affection, honesty and sincerity to her and she didn’t even acknowledge that and i suffered that. I became selfless when I waited for hours and days for her just to show up and she didn’t even care to let me clarify my stance and i suffered that as well. I became selfless and as the historical evidences dictate, the ones who become selfless are the ones who suffer in the end and so did I.

Yes, I posed a correct statement. One should not spend a selfless life. One should be very selfish and possessive about one’s life and one’s priorities because at the end of the day all that matters is the quality of this once awarded life that you spend. I never had a doubt about what I said about being selfless, rather what struck me most is the doubtful authority of the moral principles that teach us to have a soft corners for others, that teach us to live for others, that teach us to respect others and that teach us to return good when someone does good to you. I am afraid of the moral customs carved inside my character because I am afraid that this currency is no more the current currency of the world we live in today.

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