Aliens of the Planet I Live In

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The quest to find out life in the outer universe has been going on like forever. Some believe that we are the creation of a superior species, just another version of God as the creator. Another school of thought believes that in this vast and ever growing universe, human beings can’t possibly be the only well-grown species. Different versions of the stories have been there in treatises and the longing for the true answer made the race of human beings to try to explore for the ‘truth’ and set out in outer space.

Evolution is indeed another very interesting idea that struck the entire religious history questioning different believes and honestly I could never come up with a theory compiling the two theories namely the theory of evolution and the theory of religion. Curiously speaking, as evolution hit the planet earth, it could equally hit some other planet in a galaxy at hundreds of light years from our galaxy. Since the theory of relativity indicates the mass becomes infinite as one object travels with the speed of light, we just can’t but theoretically speaking, if we did travel with the speed of light, we wouldn’t have hundreds of years to reach the planet of our destination just to say ‘hi’ to our well-evolved brothers and observe the way they greet us finding our invasion in their planet very pleasant.

There’s a shockingly interesting segment of information that some people claim to have found out aliens in their respective regions and also claim to have been invaded, disrespected and murdered by them. The aliens have multiple forms and structures. Some of them resemble human beings while the others are made of metals. They can see in darkness, they can track their movements, they can hear their whispers and they can kill them equally well from a thousand miles away and from a couple of yards away. The people who claim to have discovered these aliens are from Afghanistan, Liberia, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq and the list goes on.

Human beings are being murdered continuously and brutally but no one dares to point out neither the aliens in ‘disguised human form’ nor the ‘metallic ones’. They say the metallic ones are the second generation created by the primary generation by the use of science. Apparently these aliens are well equipped and have highly evolved technologies as well as they believe that they themselves have been evolved superior to the humans of the nations they invaded and that wherever they invaded, they invaded for a constructive reason which was necessary for the survival of this planet.

And very recently, the aliens of Israel are bombarding the Palestinians, for the well-being of this planet and to save the humanity from all the possible endangered threats that the Palestinians might have hidden and will only show off at some suitable time. I wonder why Palestinians would hide their ‘weapons of Planet Destruction’ at a time when they are being destructed and for what other ‘suitable time’ they plan to respond to these alien invasions. Clearly they have none and they are filing another petition with their blood that they are witnessing another alien invasion and are calling for help from the ‘humans’ of the planet and apparently there are no humans intelligent enough to recognize the difference between the brutality and conquest for redemption of Earth.

As someone very wisely said:
Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.

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