Month: September 2014


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It’s true

That I love you,

Trust it,  and why would you

These are just words, unworthy, undue.


How to make you believe me

You and I are meant to be we,

Through my eyes, can’t you see?

Inside this heart, full of love, there lies a sea.


For you, I’d wait and wait

Till approaches that moment in my fate,

When you arrive back in time or belate

Till the end, for you, I’d wait.



The Blink of a Moment

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Today, we all live a life of ultimate busy routine. We have things onto the tip of our fingers all the time and thanks to even more updated gadgets onto our wrists and glasses. They do all the functions from translating for us to getting us connected to our loved ones. Technology today offers everything at its best ease but only at the cost of your life. You have to lose your days to get all the money to spend to make your life a luxury. It’s a tricky question whether you consume your money or your money indeed consumes you. Whether you manage your time or your time manages you.

For an entire year, I’ve been planning a vacation but because of a list of undone tasks, unattended matters and unfinished projects that family vacation is being postponed. Every month, I hold that list in my hands and try to make time for the vacation and in the end, it’s always the next month. This day-night routine goes on so goes on the life and I am being consumed by these moments bit by bit like everyone else who is living or who has lived on earth.

Today, as usual, I was driving in hurry constantly organizing the list of tasks to be completed when I saw some people standing on the opposite lane around a body lying on the road. When I pulled the breaks, I saw blood flowing out of the head of the person lying there. People gathered around to offer any help, people always do the same. They just stand there to watch what’s happening and do not do anything because they’re afraid of legal inquiries and stuff.

A heavy vehicle hit three men on a bike, two were lucky to stand there alive but the third one was badly injured. The cracked head was telling he has lived all the moments granted to him. Like me, like everybody else in hurry, probably he was also organizing his unfinished tasks, postponing unimportant stuff, trying to finish the most important tasks first when the time ended. Just a moment blinked and a person was a part of history. He just lived for a couple of minutes and died right away on the spot. The incidence was very regretfully sad and I felt sorry for the person and for his family & relatives. I use the same road everyday and the incidence scared the hell out of me.

In older times and also currently in rural areas of Pakistan, carts are used for transportation. When I was a child, I often used to notice some dog going beneath some cart. The dog walked beneath the cart, then used to get out of it randomly from left or the right side, used to walk some distance out of the cart and then used to get beneath it once again. When I asked my grandfather about it, he told me that the dog thinks that he’s driving the cart. He gets out from either side to make sure that the cart is on the track correctly and when he gets assured, he gets beneath it once again.

Sometimes I feel that the busy humans are exactly like the dog. They think that they are driving the cart of this life, they waste their moments in making sure that the life is on the right track as if they didn’t do this, the system on earth would collapse. And often it doesn’t make any difference at all to this system when their moment blinks making them a chapter of history and right then another dog gets himself ready to look after the cart of life.

After today, I felt that one probably shouldn’t make himself as much a fool as the dog driving a cart. One probably shouldn’t manipulate the system on earth. One probably shouldn’t control the evolution of life. One probably shouldn’t make the sun rise and set in time. One probably shouldn’t make the moon shine on the sky everynight. Because one simply can’t do so like the dog can’t drive the cart.

And one definitely shouldn’t postpone a family trip because one never knows when his moment would blink making him a chapter of the past depriving him of a wonderful quality time which is indeed the essence of life.