It Doesn’t Happen in America…?!!

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Porterville, California Drought


Water is the key to life of any form. Without water, there is no life. But what if some day you run out of water? What if someday you open your taps and you get no water at all? What if your water resources run out and you just have no idea how to regenerate any of those? What if you have to reconsider you lifestyle in accordance to a ‘no water consumption’ policy? What if you have to take extra measures to reduce your water needs to as minimum a level as possible? And what if all of this happens in America?

Portersville is a town in the state of California, USA. The town has been hit with one of the very worst droughts of history. Water bed level has become very low and water wells have been run dry, which are the major source of water to the community as there has not any system installed for the water supply from the government. People rely on their private water wells for their domestic and local water consumption and nearly thousands of wells have gone dry.

People are forced to live their lives literally without water. There has been no water in taps since months. Government if takes initiative to install water supply system, it would take very long time to complete the project and thirst won’t wait till then. In a community of thousands, the local government has installed just two very large water tanks which get refilled periodically and people have to come and take water from those tanks. A lot of volunteers including some of the retired citizens of the community have come forward to supply door to door water to the general public on self-help basis.

Though majority of the low income families can’t afford to dig newer, deeper wells right now and those who can have upto an 18 months’ time before the qualified teams can dig their wells for them. How could a nation that foresee stuff and plans ahead of time, neglect such an important issue, I wonder? From what outside militants is America trying to save the people when it should save the people from thirst? A lot of questions arise seeking for answers but one thing’s for sure. Loop holes are present in almost perfect societies and deadly imperfections can be observed.

Nevertheless sympathies are there for the affected people who literally do not have anything to do with the USA policies regarding Pakistan and the rest of the Asia. A mere comparison of the social factors makes it clear enough that in Pakistan, I have never observed that you can’t find some person for the required task, unlike the diggers in USA who have given an 18 months waiting period to the people. Because in Pakistan there is no concept of a ‘qualified or certified skilled labor’. People just start doing it and they keep on learning along the way. Unskilled person could dig a well for you here, obviously the methodology wouldn’t be very good but there would be very bright chances of you getting water at the end of the day. An unskilled mechanic could repair your car, obviously he wouldn’t have the computerized equipment for engine condition examination but there would be very bright chances of you getting your car started in the end and the list of such professionals goes on.

Another important thing that I observed is that people didn’t get out on the roads, protesting against the local government and officials for their deadly negligence of such an important matter. Probably people are aware of the fact that government bodies might come up a solution for the problem sooner if people just let them deal with the situation. Which very often is not the case here in Pakistan. And in the end I ended up wondering that it literally doesn’t happen in America…Does it?!!

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Happen in America…?!!

    smilecalm said:
    October 19, 2014 at 5:47 am

    nice report!
    may rains again come to california
    and fill wells, reservoirs, and aquifers 🙂


      Umair Rehman responded:
      October 19, 2014 at 4:15 pm

      I surely hope and pray as well that there would be no water shortage in any part of the world.


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