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There is no you, it’s just me
You’re just an illusion of the dream that I did see
And here I am standing at the point right where
Life handed over me, my part of the share

The disaster makes its way from the insides
When I don’t see her sitting besides
Whom is to blame, who would have me bleated
It’s your aroma inside me from what I got defeated

You tell true when you say we all have a dark side
Life’s not fair, love’s not that wide
The mere idea makes me shiver
That you’d stand besides for then and forever


And so it Happens

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And so it happens they say
Live the moment while you may,
For the moments fly on the ride of time
Then there’s no harmony there’s no rhyme.

There will be something, some other day
You’ll find her somehow, in some way,
All you need is to hold on
It’s not everytime that you get con.

It’s just a spell of your own mind
Don’t let the call get you from behind,
Look up for your destined shine
It’ll be all right, you’ll be just fine.

There’s More to Life

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There's More to Life



There are pearls in your hand, when you weigh
They’ll soothe you any time, in any way,
Why wait for the unaccomplished milestones
When you can live, this moment, today.

To the unachieved, you shouldn’t get yourself bound
Look at the ones you have and turn around,
It’s then when you value your dreams, you get to know
There’s a new ‘you’ that you just found.

Your loved ones are your side by side
Life is happy, love is wide,
When you can’t cover your sorrows
They are ready to accept, are ready to hide.

The Secret Ingredient is ‘huMANity’

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A couple of days ago, I was having a chit chat about Human Resources. Then popped up the idea of starting it all from the fundamentals. We know what humans are and we all are well familiar with what resources are. Everyone sort of nodded as to confirm that we know what these two terms mean. Let’s then define it in view of our own understanding.

Now that’s a tricky one. Answers that came were very typical. Everyone knew those answers. This is one of the beauties of defining something qualitatively, you add as much as you can, anything that comes from you would serve the purpose. The answers were like humans are sent by god. We agree with that, with a few exceptions and amendments though. Humans are the superior species, correct. Nothing that we are not familiar with.

Well logically an explanation took the discussion slightly forward was like humans are the species on the planet that consumes the earth’s resources for producing substances necessary for its survival. Well animals do that as well, don’t they? What then makes a human, a human? Something I haven’t given a deep thought even though it deserves a considerable amount of insight.

The behavior of human beings varies greatly round the globe. There are scientists, engineers, doctors, cobblers, mechanics, economics, politicians, barbers, soldiers and barbarians. The prime objectives, as far as I have observed, are one of the two. What so ever everyone is doing, he’s doing it either for the sake of religion or for the sake of money.

Some nations/organizations want to have the maximum of resources so to sell these to other nations and hence have the largest market share. USA invites intellectuals from round the globe whoever feels perfect for the job. Scholarships are awarded for researchers and the entire scientific data goes to the country, which is undoubtedly leading the world market of knowledge. Same goes with the European countries.

Some groups however do whatever they do in the name of religion. The conflict of Palestinians and Israelis is probably of the religious nature. There are religiously holy places that mean a lot to the Muslims and other stake holders of the region namely Jews, Christians and Armenians. Well extremism serves no good whether that be economic or religious. USA’s interest against the Chinese economic empire has been long disturbing the Asia. Religious interests of both the Palestine and Israel have long disturbed the very beautiful, holy and sacred region of this planet.

After taking a round of these situations and behaviors, I didn’t get the answer to the question originally posed. What makes a human being, a human being? It’s not power, it’s not money and it’s not even religion. The answer to this one is also very simple and is something we all are well familiar with. Since we don’t exercise it much this is probably why we don’t refer to this one as quick and frequent as other qualitative explanations.

The secret ingredient that makes human beings, human beings, is “Humanity”.

Only if this would have been remembered, there would have been no nuclear rain in Hiroshima, there would have been no Al-Qaeda, there would have been no demolition of World Trade Center, there would have been no Yoko Haram, there would have been no ISIS and none of the innocent children of Gaza would have to be torn to pieces while watching cartoons when a bomb demolished their building into fragments of concrete, iron bars and not to mention human flesh. Only if we could remember this secret ingredient that makes a human being, a human being.

Honeymoon of Medical and Telecommunication Sciences

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The era of ‘smart technology’ has successfully hit the grounds. The revolutionized world of internet has hunted the minds on the planet earth. Information technology, computerized sciences and telecommunications all are doing their best to bring ease to the humanity and revenues to the companies involved.

The tactics of marketing have altogether changed today. Today the marketing programs and slogans do not emphasis on selling the product itself, today’s marketing programs and slogans have adapted the approach to acquire customer’s royalty. To provide the customers with products they don’t even know they need. To provide customers with information about them they don’t even know themselves, which is by the way one of the missionary statements of Google.

In a decade, telecommunication technology, internet and cell phones industry have made many company a huge economic giant. Apple, Samsung, Nokia (in its good old times), Huawei, Sony and above all Google. Story began with the advent of telecommunication, competition evolved in these companies and the marketing tactics and norms changed altogether.

Then came the smart phones followed by wearable gadgets. Replacing the good old wrist watches by the smart wearable, technological gadgets took place which could only provide the users with incoming calls, email messages, urgent duties to be performed, their speed of travel whether walking or on a car and such slightly delightful functions.

During the race, google step forward and once again revolutionized the smart phone world with Android operating system and that too free of any cost. Then marched the rumors of automatically driven cars which are still under development process by Google. Wearable gadgets then came into more fashion and the company following others stepped into the market with innovative ideas.

It was okay when the news broke out of developing gadgets that could calculate heart beat rate and could identify certain very minute and usual abnormalities/regularities in human body. But it’s shockingly surprising, panicky innovative and glowingly hard to digest that Google is working on a nano-pill that could search for cancerous cells in the body, could identify tumors and could look for trouble-making organisms of the body and all directed with the help of a wearable gadget that would guide the pill to its journey inside the human body.

The project could take upto five years before its launch but if it comes to reality, it’s going to be a milestone in the field of medicine and it could be bringing a whole lot of other possible treatment ways as well. If an individual tablet coated with nano-technology could identify individual cells, who know someday the same tablet could go inside, fight with the evil viral cells to cure the diseases. Sounds as visionary as once flying in the air was but who know what tomorrow might bring to us.

Getting there

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Sometimes all we have to do is to hold on a little more..

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