Honeymoon of Medical and Telecommunication Sciences

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The era of ‘smart technology’ has successfully hit the grounds. The revolutionized world of internet has hunted the minds on the planet earth. Information technology, computerized sciences and telecommunications all are doing their best to bring ease to the humanity and revenues to the companies involved.

The tactics of marketing have altogether changed today. Today the marketing programs and slogans do not emphasis on selling the product itself, today’s marketing programs and slogans have adapted the approach to acquire customer’s royalty. To provide the customers with products they don’t even know they need. To provide customers with information about them they don’t even know themselves, which is by the way one of the missionary statements of Google.

In a decade, telecommunication technology, internet and cell phones industry have made many company a huge economic giant. Apple, Samsung, Nokia (in its good old times), Huawei, Sony and above all Google. Story began with the advent of telecommunication, competition evolved in these companies and the marketing tactics and norms changed altogether.

Then came the smart phones followed by wearable gadgets. Replacing the good old wrist watches by the smart wearable, technological gadgets took place which could only provide the users with incoming calls, email messages, urgent duties to be performed, their speed of travel whether walking or on a car and such slightly delightful functions.

During the race, google step forward and once again revolutionized the smart phone world with Android operating system and that too free of any cost. Then marched the rumors of automatically driven cars which are still under development process by Google. Wearable gadgets then came into more fashion and the company following others stepped into the market with innovative ideas.

It was okay when the news broke out of developing gadgets that could calculate heart beat rate and could identify certain very minute and usual abnormalities/regularities in human body. But it’s shockingly surprising, panicky innovative and glowingly hard to digest that Google is working on a nano-pill that could search for cancerous cells in the body, could identify tumors and could look for trouble-making organisms of the body and all directed with the help of a wearable gadget that would guide the pill to its journey inside the human body.

The project could take upto five years before its launch but if it comes to reality, it’s going to be a milestone in the field of medicine and it could be bringing a whole lot of other possible treatment ways as well. If an individual tablet coated with nano-technology could identify individual cells, who know someday the same tablet could go inside, fight with the evil viral cells to cure the diseases. Sounds as visionary as once flying in the air was but who know what tomorrow might bring to us.

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