Month: December 2014

Happy New Year

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In a while there’ll come a new year
Full of hopes and having a little fear
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
For the time being, let’s all cheer

Let’s not forget the friend we’ve seen
It’s our goodbye to the old twenty fourteen
We’ll miss all the packages you delivered
And wonder how with us your stay has been

As free as the wind we all will fly
No matter how hard the rocks are but we’ll try
Time has aged a year, so have grown our lives
To everyone missing, to all who lost us, it’s now time to say goodbye


Merry Christmas !!

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Day’s about to end but still it’s Christmas
Exclaims Santa it’s not him whom I miss
I told him he’d understand, I knew
I wanted to see what this Christmas brought new

Santa when heard this, laughed at me
I got surprised a little just as was he
All Christmas brings is but a present brand new
The joyous days of an entire year is the present for you

Now you take this present and live the whole year
May the old demons of the dark don’t come near
Make a vow with your power so bright
To everyone around you, you’ll bring happiness and delight

A joyous entire year is what Christmas brought
Days full of cheer is what I got
Having received my present I said to Santa Claus
We’ll meet the same day next year, with a bigger round of applause

A Drifting Perspective

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Every year, when there’s a new year’s eve, we gather to celebrate the ending of a year and welcome the coming year. New aspirations are presented, newer prospects are made and there starts the race to accomplish everything.

While watching television, I always question myself is this the correct way to embrace a new year? What change is the coming day going to bring to life on earth? I get the answers that no, this doesn’t seem to be the way to embrace the coming year and nothing is going to change tomorrow, except for calendars, official stuff, marketing targets, execution of plans etc., nothing worth mentioning.

In pursuit of the correct answers, I get the answer that I’ll have the eve of a new year the day I change my perception of the things. The day I choose to be at peace with the things around embracing them just as they are. The day when I live that single day, one moment at a time. The day when I manage to skip the bigger picture and just be there in the spur of the moment. The day I don’t get retreated from the past, I don’t get fascinated by the future. That eve will be my new year’s eve and the day would bring new chapter of my life.
As always things have been the same, except for the fact that I’ll celebrate my New Year’s Eve when the rest of the world is celebrating the New Year’s Eve for 2015.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at, change.


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The story starts with some aspirations and dreams that one sets for a lifetime. At times life seems too small for all the things to be accomplished, for all the journeys to adopt, for all the milestones to be achieved and for all the battles to be won. A person keeps on spending his days and nights in pursuit of a better tomorrow. Every time when you have a chance to enjoy a joyous moment, you sacrifice it because you’re indulge into something urgent.

When I was a kid, our class teacher told us a story about a man who wants to climb up the highest mountain when he sees up from the valley. He tells himself that he’d have nothing more to accomplish if he reaches the top of this mountain. When he gets there, he sees another mountain, higher than the previous and it feels that there is nothing more to accomplish after this one. On reaching the top of this higher mountain, he finds that there is a top even higher than this one and he sets his journey for that one and the process goes on.

Today after all these years, I find myself trying to reach the top of a mountain which is higher than the one I just reached out. It appears that I am not going to end this journey, rather this journey is going to consume me till the end. It appears that happiness is not about reaching your destined place, happiness is about enjoying the journey to reach there. Happiness doesn’t lie in perfection rather happiness lies in the process of making things perfect. Happiness doesn’t come to you when you stand with the people who are already happy, rather happiness is what you feel when you try to get someone out of sorrow to make him happy. Happiness is all about letting go what you couldn’t achieve and focus on what you can have.

You’ll feel happy the moment you defeat your regrets, start to admire your present, set yourself free of the conflict of capability and incapability, break the rules of a never ending competition and finally start living.

Another Bounty for Freedom

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It was the morning of 16th December, 2014. A ceremony was being held in a school when badge of students was passing out from the school and was celebrating its farewell function, while others were there to join them in their celebrations and to see them off for their flight onto the horizons of successes and dreams.

Meanwhile around 7 people stepped inside the hall, holding arms and dressed like guards. Innocent children were too innocent and excited to notice and judge them by their mere appearance. After that moment, all they heard, instead of their teacher’s addresses, was the sound of bullets, what they heard was the echoes of blasts, what they heard was the screams of their fellows being shot, what they heard was the chaos of one of the most brutal terrorist attack in the history of mankind.

Militants started shedding their bullets onto the children, who were trying desperately to find an escape, to find a shield to cover themselves, to hide from those eyes and to run faster than the chasing bullet, but they could not. Militants kept on showering bullets for about 15 minutes to those who could offer their chests to a bullet as the mere resistance and as the only shield to stop that bullet.

The principal of the school had a chance to save her life but she refused to impart herself from her children. She refused to live a life she would gain while turning her back towards her children. She decided to lead herself to her self-suicide mission but she couldn’t abandon her children. She might have made a mistake as when she tried to save her children from those animals, they burnt her in front of her pupils.

This is the price we have to pay when we decide to fight this war against terrorism. This is the exchange of freedom when Pakistan is trying to clear its areas from the militant groups. Children have to offer their throats for barbarians to slaughter when the country raises voice for the betterment of the nation. A school principle has to be burnt when she chooses to stay on the side of her pupils. Mothers have to mourn over the left overs of their children’s bodies as bounty when the armed forces of Pakistan are trying to establish the rule of humanity in Pakistani Territory.

This is the price we have to pay for freedom, another war of freedom is going on after the establishment of Pakistan as a result of a freedom resolution. This would just act as a catalyst to agitate the nation’s demand for peace because one of the ending moments of rule of dark lords are those moments when it is at its maximum and what other maxima is expected than to slaughter children who just came to school for never leaving the building again and those who survived actually see their fellows off onto the horizons of dreams!!

Technical Era of Modern Slavery

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Slavery can be defined as the legal system or the economic system that treats people as property. In the manner property can be sold or purchased, the slaves can also be sold or purchased. Well in today’s world it’s really very tricky to decide what term should be used, whether I should use that in slavery people ‘can’ be sold or purchased or should I use people ‘could’ be sold or purchased in ancient times.
Slavery is now banned in all the countries on earth. Legislation has taken place condemning the practice of slavery, granting every human being a free air to breath. According to the statistics, in the past, there were some people who had superiority onto others, as their birth right. More often, people born into rich families, having a high cast and a social class in the society conserved their right to have some of the low case, poor people as their slaves.

When history is viewed, it becomes evident that the lower and suppressed class of the society has always been facing the adverse effects of slavery. And that now the tradition has completely vanished in all parts of the worlds, atleast as far as legislation is concerned. Today every human has his rights to spend his life as an independent person. Human rights have to be watched out in prison, during wars, during labor work and every other possible aspect.
Since everything in this world has gone through the process of evolution, so has slavery. When viewed in depth, one can easily recognize that old wine in a new bottle. Humans were slaves to humans, today humans are still the slaves, sometimes of others, sometimes of their own, at other times of the society and of the social customs at some other times. It’s just the slaves have been tied with invisible chains, called responsibilities now a days. A person working in an organization is ‘responsible’ for his part played in the well-being of the company. That performance is going to bring him ‘promotion’ so that he could have some extra bucks in his pocket, to enjoy his quality life.

He goes on working day and night, thus slaughtering his present for the future well-being of the company, with which his own well-being is supposedly connected. Kind of resembles the idea of slavery in older times where the well-being of slaves is conditioned with the well-being of his master, I wonder. Some other person is addicted to follow his yesterday’s dream that tomorrow he’s going to find a treasure only if he keeps on running for today. He’s living his present in pursuing yesterday’s dream to have a tomorrow. Every today starts with the struggle of a better tomorrow and ends with more dreams at the end of the day, we shouldn’t call it slavery at all, or should we?

The industrial revolution, the progressing economies, the urge to have a better tomorrow, the desire of a perfect future has made this present a complete mess. Who knows what whether he’d be there to see the tomorrow and who can have a taste of yesterday as they very wisely say that yesterday’s a history and tomorrow’s a mystery. The only real thing one has in his hand is his present, which is indeed a present for him today. Tomorrow he’d be awarded another ‘present’ for the entire day. This slavery can be ended by personal legislation to dedicate the lifeline of attention and feel to the present moment as what passes away beautifully becomes immortally unchangeable.

How I Loved It

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How I loved it when it was new
How I loved it when the one standing beside was you
How I loved it when the souls came closer
How I loved it when holding hands, we flew

How the distances developed the void
How I deny the comfort of heart is destroyed
How I sold my soul to yours
How from the feeling of love, life is devoid

How should I tell you it’s you who I miss
How you meant to me, how you was a bliss
How the idea of your departure rips my soul apart
How dark the skies get when I tell that you’re no longer my princess