Technical Era of Modern Slavery

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Slavery can be defined as the legal system or the economic system that treats people as property. In the manner property can be sold or purchased, the slaves can also be sold or purchased. Well in today’s world it’s really very tricky to decide what term should be used, whether I should use that in slavery people ‘can’ be sold or purchased or should I use people ‘could’ be sold or purchased in ancient times.
Slavery is now banned in all the countries on earth. Legislation has taken place condemning the practice of slavery, granting every human being a free air to breath. According to the statistics, in the past, there were some people who had superiority onto others, as their birth right. More often, people born into rich families, having a high cast and a social class in the society conserved their right to have some of the low case, poor people as their slaves.

When history is viewed, it becomes evident that the lower and suppressed class of the society has always been facing the adverse effects of slavery. And that now the tradition has completely vanished in all parts of the worlds, atleast as far as legislation is concerned. Today every human has his rights to spend his life as an independent person. Human rights have to be watched out in prison, during wars, during labor work and every other possible aspect.
Since everything in this world has gone through the process of evolution, so has slavery. When viewed in depth, one can easily recognize that old wine in a new bottle. Humans were slaves to humans, today humans are still the slaves, sometimes of others, sometimes of their own, at other times of the society and of the social customs at some other times. It’s just the slaves have been tied with invisible chains, called responsibilities now a days. A person working in an organization is ‘responsible’ for his part played in the well-being of the company. That performance is going to bring him ‘promotion’ so that he could have some extra bucks in his pocket, to enjoy his quality life.

He goes on working day and night, thus slaughtering his present for the future well-being of the company, with which his own well-being is supposedly connected. Kind of resembles the idea of slavery in older times where the well-being of slaves is conditioned with the well-being of his master, I wonder. Some other person is addicted to follow his yesterday’s dream that tomorrow he’s going to find a treasure only if he keeps on running for today. He’s living his present in pursuing yesterday’s dream to have a tomorrow. Every today starts with the struggle of a better tomorrow and ends with more dreams at the end of the day, we shouldn’t call it slavery at all, or should we?

The industrial revolution, the progressing economies, the urge to have a better tomorrow, the desire of a perfect future has made this present a complete mess. Who knows what whether he’d be there to see the tomorrow and who can have a taste of yesterday as they very wisely say that yesterday’s a history and tomorrow’s a mystery. The only real thing one has in his hand is his present, which is indeed a present for him today. Tomorrow he’d be awarded another ‘present’ for the entire day. This slavery can be ended by personal legislation to dedicate the lifeline of attention and feel to the present moment as what passes away beautifully becomes immortally unchangeable.

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