What Would You Do?

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All through our lives, we come across many incidences. Some of those are minor while other are major, some make us happy while others leave unwanted traces behind them, some make a drastically fantastic difference while others just don’t kill us and spare us to live while bearing the aftershocks. We happen to live the fancy ones and when it comes to the other side of the picture, we happen to act or witness a mixed of different reactions.

A couple of days ago, I witnessed an accident. A cart loaded with iron bars hit a vehicle from the driver’s side. Though it wasn’t as major an accident as it could have been but the phenomena can be linked to what we’re trying to discuss here. The driver got out, stood beside his vehicle, was going to bump the guy on the cart and then stopped. Sat in and went on his way. What was to happen, had happened. Hitting the guy, calling the police, filing an application, whatever he had done, wouldn’t have reversed what just happened.
A couple of years ago, a friend had to suffer a major break up. Probably one of the most unfortunate and sad incidences he has had in his entire life. It was like losing someone close to you to death. With as major incidences as that, there come consolations, explanations, advices, ambitions, tips of self-recognition and that very old and strong argument that it was meant to happen and whatever happened, happened for the good of you.

He was broke, he wasn’t ready for any of that, was still in the state of denial and to that argument, he’d often say that if it happened in the best of his interests, why does he feel that gap inside his chest? He used to tell everybody that whatever you say, your words are not going to bring her back. Yes, that’s life, nothing ever gets back. All you are left with is the burden of what just happened and all you can do is to play with your understanding of the situation and come up with a theory that justifies what happened but theories like thus don’t reverse what just happened, nothing ever does.


What are you possibly supposed to do in the end if something unfortunate happens? Hollywood often presents heroes who set out to take revenge but taking a revenge doesn’t get those back who are gone, does it? Unfortunately when it comes to this question, I stand empty minded, wondering what am I supposed to do and how am I supposed to react? Irrespective of the situation around me, irrespective of whether the revenge has been taken or not, I lost something dear to me and I don’t really care about any of the rest. There has to be an answer or a standard operating procedure like you perform when you get to know of being affected by some disease, you take your medicines and get cured from that. There must be some remedies that cures the gaps in your chests, that return the happiness of your heart, that brings back the charm of your soul and that get your life as decorated as before and that clears the blurriness of the series of even we call life and bring back those who are dear to us more than anything.

But what would you do when you find out there are no such magical remedies and that you have to live with the gaps?



5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

    The Indian Revert Muslimah said:
    February 24, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Wow. That’s a thoughtful one. One of the most interesting write up for me. Well, it might sound very cliche but time is indeed the best healer. Ummm. Perhaps when u loose something very dear, something/ someone dearer in future takes it’s place and slowly fills the void. That’s how life always goes. No breakup leads to a forever bachelorhood, no accident leads to a car forever damaged. Death obviously is irreplaceable, but then the person who died never actually belonged to us.

    I am avoiding to give an islamic point of view which obviously is the most practical way to deal with these scenarios. I believe you must be knowing them and have heard it many times. 🙂

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      Umair Rehman responded:
      February 24, 2015 at 1:36 pm

      Thank you very much. I’m honored to hear such good words. Yes what you say is true. Whatever happens or whoever comes or goes, life moves on. hmm i don’t know but at times it’s a choice not to let go. At times you don’t want to accept the fact. That’s when you get stuck with the questions that start with ‘What if…’ completely neglecting the most important one that asks you: What if you move on? 😀
      Though I know the Islamic point of view but it’d be an absolute delight to hear that too, your posts are very informative and I happen to re-learn alot of things from a different angle.

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        The Indian Revert Muslimah said:
        February 24, 2015 at 6:39 pm

        Well.. again I don’t think it is a choice to not let go. I guess mankind is just helpless with emotions. Even if they want to, they are not able to. I stand by my previous statement that time is the best healer. The same person who couldn’t let go, won’t even realise when his heart start feeling ease and when it got better. Only after a few months or years people realise that the hurt is diminished.

        I don’t have any scholarly islamic view. Just a little bit from experiences of here and there. In tough times, turning to Allah azza wajal is the easiest way. When nothing works, placing trust on Him helps since you know you have put it in the right hands. Yes practically there are days of highs and lows, and in lows a self reminder that Allah is there eases us. It brings hope of s better future. Till date i stay curious of what my future holds. It is a mystery and somehow gets me excited that what next. It doesn’t mean it is all a bed of roses, but even with the thorns we say this too shall pass. When no good time stayed forever, how will a bad time stay.

        Plus as muslims we know it is a test and every test holds a reward. That is again a very strong reminder. We don’t know what is the reward, maybe a better car after accident or maybe a better spouse after break up! That again makes us loom forward to future. We can only keep guessing the reward! 🙂

        Patience and prayer. Coolest solutions. Simple and easy. There r days that we get impatient and complain. Repent and again be patient.

        Reading. Surah Ad Duha is my key when in despair. There r innumerable such beautiful surahs where Allah reminds us how much He loves us. Plus a small and very effective dua “ya Allah ease my heart please”. In shaa Allah heart finds ease.

        Sometimes Allah takes away so that our hands are empty to get something better.

        We need to remind ourselves that Allah will help us out. So just smile, it is sunnah 🙂

        Oh another funny phrase i heard from my friend “fake it, till u make it” (wrt smiling)

        I know it might sound like the same ghisa pita lecture. Lol. But I hope it helped.

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        Umair Rehman responded:
        February 24, 2015 at 7:57 pm

        Well for starters it’s not a ghisa pita lecture lol it did help and I mean it. It’s true that good times don’t come to stay forever, so aren’t bad times. Somewhere I read that we’re a part of everyone we have ever met. We borrow good and bad stuff and qualities from each other all the times and thank you for lending me some of the grail of faith. Yes Allah is there to plan our fate, He’s watching us all the time, how He cannot, I wonder.
        Thank you very much, oh and yes I’ll keep on faking it haha lol (that’s not one of the fake ones 😉 )

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        The Indian Revert Muslimah said:
        February 25, 2015 at 2:09 am


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