Key to the Time Management

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Time Management


The idea of time management has been around since the dawn of industrial age globally. When people started to learn to adopt the life to live in someone else’s vision. What are the pros and cons of living in someone else’s dream, concept of freedom and slavery, comfort zones, confronting the world and safety, each of these points needs to be debated in real depth. Each needs to be redefined and reviewed into much more depth than we usually care to dive into. It often is very amusing seeing that the world is changing by the mere ticking of clock and yet the phenomena in its true essence is the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

Whether or not should we have adopted this evolutionary route to the state we are currently into is, once again I would say, a very delicate yet necessary debate. But for the time being, here we all are standing side by side to each other and confronting each other as well in this battle to survival. The mechanic lifestyle is now nothing new to us, in fact we assume it to be an essential part of our ‘success’. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that almost every person around us is familiar with the very important concept of time management and how everyone is complaining about how he doesn’t have time to do anything.

I have a privilege of being an engineer and hence being familiar with the sour taste of the curry we call industrialization, hardships of going to a technical job, pressures of conducting projects in time and try to live a life as well. The whole concept of managing things, keeping a balance between professional and personal life, differentiating between being a puppet or a man has been very difficult to understand. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that I spent literally years to find these things out very sorry to tell that I could not understand the essence of concept.

The truth of the matter is that it itches me when I cannot understand a philosophical concept, although we already said a goodbye to philosophy long ago but all these concepts would pride themselves for being under its shade, I assume. I couldn’t understand the idea until one day the phenomena told disclosed itself to me automatically. The secret to time management lies in the shift of our routine practices, the essence lies in doing things not for a lot in little time but doing a little for a lot of time daily. I started to gather pictorial data of daily safety talks, fun activities, ongoing and finished projects and at the end of everyday it seemed like nothing had been accomplished but after a few months when I viewed those pictures and reports, they started making sense.

Even though it felt like we didn’t do anything by the end of every work day, we didn’t stop doing it and after some months, those tiny bits joined themselves to construct a larger picture of accomplished tasks. Same proved to be true for my personal life, my commitments to take care of my health, taking daily runs, finishing the books I started to read and the list goes on. It’s like trying to at a very tall building or a mountain standing beneath it, you cannot take an adequate look. But when you get to some distance, you can truly can see the beauty of its features. That mountain is your life, you cannot have a look at it when you’re very close into it, when you’re living the moment but when you get past that point and have a look, you can truly analyze what happened and what should have happened.

This is why they say that key to living a life is to live each moment and the key to live each moment is to make peace with what you’re doing and to get all the distractions out of your mind otherwise you’re not living the life made of tiny moments, you’re living a life of distractions. How can you expect that to be peaceful, less stressful, happy and satisfied? We bust our peace and health to earn some money and then spend that money to get back the peace and health we already consumed.


Whether it be the life of modern slavery, live it efficiently.






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