The Touch of a Destiny

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At times, destiny and fate are not considered as one. One can surely very uniquely distinguish fate from destiny. It would be just a matter of some delicately placed synonymous words and there you will be standing with two different definitions in your hand. At a later time, someone else would define luck as the third stake holder of the market. But we all are aware of the essence of these words. We all are well familiar with the feelings these words convey. It one of those things when people have different names for the same thing in different geographical regions.

It is one of those things when people refer to the Divine by different names, namely Allah (in Islam), Jesus (in Christianity), Bhagwaan (in Hindi) and certain other terminologies are present in different religions. It is just a matter of delicately placed synonymous words and there you will be standing with the two different definitions in your hand.

But we all are aware of the essence of these words. We all have experienced it in our lives at one time or another. We all have listened to the religious myths and we all have believed/disbelieved those at one time in our lives or the others. In one way or another we all are waiting for that glorious end to arrive and reach us, like when watching of the movie, you just keep watching so to end it. We all know the essence of these things.

We are the people of the new era and we can write destinies with our own hands. We manipulate the stars, we talk to the skies, we challenge the horizons, we construct history, we foresee the future, we prepare for the unexpected, we dream what we want and we do what we desire just because we are the people of the new ear and we can write destinies with our own hands.

We have long left the stone-age customs behind us. We have long forgotten the older religions. We are well equipped and perfectly capable of controlling each and everything. We are the people of a global village who can fly to mars. Why shouldn’t we claim to write our own destinies with the inks of our intellect?

I used to be one of those believing that my destiny doesn’t lie in the mere pattern of the lines in my hands. I used to be one of those setting very high targets. I used to be one of those enjoying a high sense of achievement when a difficult task is successfully completed. But in some scenarios, I realized that no matter how much effort I put in, the situation remains the same. In some scenarios, I realized that while achieving all the things, I was just there in the right place, at the right time when a click of destiny pulled me upwards. I realized I am not the one controlling systems and humans.

When you’re very tired from a losing race, it’s then you start the analysis. It then you truly evaluate the underlying factors behind your previous success. It’s then you start questioning your abilities. It’s then you tell yourself to have been a fool for taking that illusion as reality when the reality was something else. It’s then the reality comes to you and tells you that He is sitting up in the skies, watching you very closely, Who can limit you any moment He desires or can take you upwards anytime. It’s just He, who has been in command in the previous ages and in the ages we are to embrace next. At times, He tries you make you realize his presence via your successes and when you don’t realize that, He can turn the table around any time He wants.

This is when i get back to wondering about the beauty and authority of saying of ALI (RA):



Moonwalking with Einstein

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Hearing the word ‘moonwalk’ triggers the memory of Michael Jackson performing the illusion of going backwards while actually moving forward. However Moonwalking with Einstein triggers a question like what the hell are we exactly talking about?

This triggering game is a very classic of mind’s games. While discussing something with a group of people around, I actually tell my brain to trigger the correct names, dates, locations and sequences. At times, it presents the contents right in time while at others, well hats off to smartphones, laptops and availability of internet.

But taking assistance for something you should have at your fingertips feels like using a cheat code while playing some game. You read some book and by the time you finish all the detailed chapters, it happens sometimes, all you are left with is just an overview synopsis of the entire story. When it happens to me, I ask myself just to read the overview from now on. What’s the point of reading the entire detailed book when in the end all I will be left with is just the overview of the entire story?

Luckily I didn’t quit reading when one day I read a title Moonwalking with Einstein. The ‘overview’ said that it’s about an ordinary journalist who happened to cover the mnemonic competition held at Oxford University got inspired by some geeks expert in remembering and recalling anything and everything in no time and he ended up winning the championship.

The idea of remembering and recalling anything and everything glared my brain and I started reading the book. Though the book was more like the autobiography of the author but in the end it came clear to me that if I have to be good to at making my mind obeying the orders of triggering memories, I must really practice the following advice.

None of the techniques of memory sharpening will work unless you start ‘Paying Attention’ to what you are going through. 😀


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I wonder onto the quote of Caliph Haroon Rasheed when he says to ask for the blessings of Allah Almighty instead of intelligence as I have seen many intelligent people as subordinates of the blessed ones. On the other hand, the rule of thumb says a person gets what he strives for.

The matters of luck, spirituality, struggle and intelligence have always been confusing me. I wonder whether these all are different factors behind one’s success or any one amongst them is dominant over the other. Further I wonder if these factors work differently for different people and I wonder whether these factors actually exist or not.

A long time ago, I read a tale from the court of a king. Two men came to the king and they were fighting over the issue of luck and struggle. One said that whatever a person achieves in his life depends upon his luck only, he will get his share irrespective of his struggle. The other person argued that it’s not possible at all, a person achieves what he struggles for.

The king put them both in prison for one night and gives them nothing to eat. The person in favor of his luck stays there doing nothing and accepting what his fate has brought him while the other person keeps on thinking of some way to deal with the situation. He tries to escape through a chimney when he sees a bag hanging there. He somehow reaches to that bag and finds food inside and starts eating that. With food, he finds some solid stone-like objects and throws them to the other person saying that you fate could only bring you these stones.

In the morning, they both find out that those stones were actually jewels. The person’s fate had brought him wealth that he didn’t even struggled for. Same story proves to be true for many persons and on the contrary we find many persons as well who write their own fate with their hands. Once again,we witness, a clash of one’s efforts and one’s fate and the unknown governing factor of the issue. Unfortunately we do not have any labs to test these theories and decide for the governing factors but I believe there has to be some firm basis. In this very organized world created by God, where everything works in accordance to a rhythm, it’s not possible that fates of human beings go without any firm but yet hidden law of nature but until it’s found out, the conflict of effect of one’s fate on his life vs. one’s struggle will remain confusing to me.