The Digital Spirituality

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When talking about spirituality, the word spirit pops up. Used very often for versatile tasks, having different meanings for different media but nevertheless we all use that. Sometimes some of us don’t even know what it actually means and at others, all of us don’t know what it means. Other than just being a linguistic term, the spirit has a spirit of its own. We borrow the spirit from the word and put it into whatsoever we are dealing with. Without having being proven scientifically, it’s always there in shining in its eternal glory.


Times are changing. With every second passing by, we hear that time is changing. Nothing in this universe is the same as the older second that just left the platform. It’s always a brand new second, a brand day, a brand new month, a brand new year and a brand new start. But in some of the newer days, everything around us is getting digitalized. Everything is connected to the other creating this codec massive chaos, where one thing is manipulating the other. Somewhere in the ancient tales, there used to be a species having those interlinked interrelations and we hear that the species was the homo-sapiens.


In some of the ancient tales that I happen to remember, people used to come up with masterpieces, claiming to have injected their spirits into those masterpieces, whether that be Mona Lisa, Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Egypt, Religions like Islam and Christianity and the list goes on. Spirituality is always exhibited by the monument that stands beside you, claiming its eternal glory. And now, well, the times are changing. The monuments today are these digital codes, interconnected devices, 3-D visions and virtual realities.


It’s very difficult for me to digest that an electronically written program can exhibit a spirit being put into it. For me the idea of something spiritual is somewhere you can walk into, a magnificent height and a nirvana exhibiting monument. Somehow I never got the idea of a mechanical spirit, of a digital spirit, a spirit exhibited into a code, a spirit exhibited by a giant compressor, a rocket or even a sky scraper for that matter. A spirit needs to be simple, elegant and soothing. Through an era, I have been thinking that its all about money, but it simply is not.


It is about passion, about dignity, about recognition and to some extent about offering services to the mankind. Money, multinationals and billionaire personalities and glories are just the side benefits that come along. There must be some people who can make a difference with their bare hands and a vision. Those are the new spiritual people we are going to find abundantly and I guess with everything revolutionized, the franchise of spirituality has launched another brand entitled Digital Spirituality because after all the following is very much true:

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road, doesn’t mean that they are lost.


A Tribute To: Texiobectin

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It looks dreadful when we read in history that hundreds and thousands of people were killed by as simple a disease as pneumonia. It’s also looks astonishing what took scientists too long to discover this much simple treatment for the disease.
Well when you have reached a milestone, the road you travelled surely looks familiar and easy. It’s during the journey that every setback tries to pull you down, when you don’t know the answer to every new problem and can’t quite understand what turn you should take.
The same goes with the history of antibiotics, something we all are well familiar with. But the halls of med specialists are full of the voice about the resisting capabilities of bacteria against the antibiotics we take. When we don’t have a resistive shell against the bacteria, these tiny organisms can be as fatal once again as the dark era of pneumonia.
Evolution of organisms is one of the strangest and most interesting tricks of nature. It’s quite amazing how some microorganisms, consisting of just a single cells, with no brain to think, can recognize the thing that is attacking them and then conduct a research onto the attacking factors, then prepare a defensive mechanism and also are perfectly capable of teaching and transmitting the techniques to their little ones. I wonder to what universities do they go to conduct such a massive research to stand up against the best of all the species, the homo-sapiens.
After the golden era of 50’s and 60’s no remarkable antibiotics were discovered and the increasing immunity of bacteria was posing serious threats to as well-known diseases as tuberculosis. But hats off to a team researching in Northeastern University in Boston who discovered about two dozen new types of antibiotcs out of which one in particular, texiobectin, is thought of as a breakthrough in the area. Apparently they constructed underground hotel rooms, one for each single bacterial cells and as the gesture of their appreciation, bacteria excreted these new type of antibiotics to the Americans.
Once again the Americans got what they needed out of the brainless tiny organisms by applying the methods they have been used for decades on humans to get what they want out of them. But only this time, it’s beneficial for humanity. The great discovery is being thought of just the tip of iceberg so now and far more developments are about to be seen in the coming days.

Polluted Asia

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War Pollution


Air pollution is the concentration of very small size particulate matter in air which is responsible for various respiratory diseases, some of them prove deadly to several persons of the society. Generally the air pollution level is high in urban cities. Recently WHO published a report on air pollution and it wasn’t very surprising to know that Pakistan is leading the world in this area followed by various Asian countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Egypt and others.

The primary responsible stakeholders or air pollution include industrial revolution, increased birth rate and lack of awareness regarding the air pollution in under-developed countries. There is one other stakeholder that needs to be mentioned separately and that is the behavior of people. This behavior includes the behavior of people living inside these countries and additionally the behavior of nations intruding these areas.

As far as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran is concerned, the last factor plays a vital role. Afghanistan has been the land of unexpected, thrilling, unexpected and unpleasant adventurous incidences since the pre-historic era. At times Russians intrude the land, then talibans come forward to take hold and then USA strikes are observed later and in recent years. Whenever I hear the news of a bomb explosion, I wonder how much environmental damage would it have caused. The air strikes, use of armor, collapsed civil structures, drones, transportation carbon emissions and the list goes on.

Islamic Democratic Pakistan has always been enjoying the benefits of it geographical location. But when you accept something, you have to accept the entire package. The environmental issues are getting worse day by day in the country regarding every sort of environment including political environment, educational environment, social environment, economic environment, industrial environment and now hats off to the country, it has become a legendary leader in atmospheric environmental pollution as well. And the people of Pakistan whether be the industrialist, politician, military representative, researcher, bureaucrat, or a mere bloody civilian all have contributed great efforts to take the country to the verge of disaster in every aspect of life.

The same circumstances and the same behavioral attitudes prove true for other under developed Asian countries. When I write, it sometimes seems to me that I am an anti-states or anti-europe person because I take time to observe the outcomes of foreign intrusions with less a distance but the fact of the matter is it is not the outsider that causes the damage, it’s always the insider. Because devil always lies inside the chest.