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War Pollution


Air pollution is the concentration of very small size particulate matter in air which is responsible for various respiratory diseases, some of them prove deadly to several persons of the society. Generally the air pollution level is high in urban cities. Recently WHO published a report on air pollution and it wasn’t very surprising to know that Pakistan is leading the world in this area followed by various Asian countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Egypt and others.

The primary responsible stakeholders or air pollution include industrial revolution, increased birth rate and lack of awareness regarding the air pollution in under-developed countries. There is one other stakeholder that needs to be mentioned separately and that is the behavior of people. This behavior includes the behavior of people living inside these countries and additionally the behavior of nations intruding these areas.

As far as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran is concerned, the last factor plays a vital role. Afghanistan has been the land of unexpected, thrilling, unexpected and unpleasant adventurous incidences since the pre-historic era. At times Russians intrude the land, then talibans come forward to take hold and then USA strikes are observed later and in recent years. Whenever I hear the news of a bomb explosion, I wonder how much environmental damage would it have caused. The air strikes, use of armor, collapsed civil structures, drones, transportation carbon emissions and the list goes on.

Islamic Democratic Pakistan has always been enjoying the benefits of it geographical location. But when you accept something, you have to accept the entire package. The environmental issues are getting worse day by day in the country regarding every sort of environment including political environment, educational environment, social environment, economic environment, industrial environment and now hats off to the country, it has become a legendary leader in atmospheric environmental pollution as well. And the people of Pakistan whether be the industrialist, politician, military representative, researcher, bureaucrat, or a mere bloody civilian all have contributed great efforts to take the country to the verge of disaster in every aspect of life.

The same circumstances and the same behavioral attitudes prove true for other under developed Asian countries. When I write, it sometimes seems to me that I am an anti-states or anti-europe person because I take time to observe the outcomes of foreign intrusions with less a distance but the fact of the matter is it is not the outsider that causes the damage, it’s always the insider. Because devil always lies inside the chest.



And so it happens in LOVE….. Sometimes!!!!

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Love is just an instance of a man’s life but it’s the story of the life of a woman. This is what a very successful female writer wrote in one of hers novels. It is said that when two people live together, their thinking patterns match with each other’s. But surprisingly there’s a story that comes to my mind by another very successful writer of Pakistan, who happens to be the husband of the woman I just quoted above. The story doesn’t coincide with the statement of a woman’s theory about love. The story goes this way:

I was very close to my elder brother who used to love me very much. I used to share everything with him, I used to child him on everything and yet he never got back to me onto anything. He always just stood there, with a smile on his face and was ready to give me a hug when I finished. It is one cold afternoon and I am on the roof of my house. I am looking at a groom who’s waiting for his bride and I know that beneath this roof, my brother is also looking at same scene. I once read my brother’s diary in his absence onto which he had written about the same girl who was the bride now. The diary said the following:

It was a very fine day today, I had been talking to her the entire day. She kept on laughing at her silly jokes, we played and then I read her a book. While listening to me, she constantly played with a ring on my finger. I stopped for a while and asked her that why women have always been fond of jewelry. She said it’s just not about jewelry, it’s about the person who’s wearing it. That day it felt that I am the richest of all the persons in this world. I have the one I love and who loves me back even more, though what she said is very small but what she said is very deep.

And today when the bride came, she didn’t even look at my brother like she never knew him and went away with her groom in a very magnificent ride. All my brother is left with are the memories enclosed in those pages of his diary.

When a woman writes today, she claims that love is the story of the life of a woman and it’s just an instance of a man’s life. Even today, according to the statistics researched, women are responsible for most of the breakups and according to the statistics stated by women, women are the ones being the victims of these relationships. Even today, it’s thought that a man moves onto some other woman right after his breakup with one. But on the contrary, according to a latest research, men are most affected when a relationship ends and but still, according to a woman, it’s the life of a woman which is most affected out of a relationship.

This reminds me of the fact that very cruel things can come out of a person who thinks of himself as a victim (and in this case, thinks of herself as a victim).