Let’s Start New

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Walked toward an end- dead

Laid down, rested his head

Told not to get up

Neither for water, nor for bread


Without the spice, goes that taste

Ran to manage that hasty haste

When bliss is a ‘satisfaction’ from ‘now’

Its ‘now’, he shouldn’t waste


It’s when the hunger of life grew

When he stopped his soul to chew

When he said, “It’s for him this time”

It was then he decided to start anew


The Blood Moon

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It was October 8, 2014 and the Muslim community of planet earth was celebrating The Festival of Sacrifice. Animals are sacrificed each year at the occasion of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world wherever Muslim Community is located. Hajj, which happens to be the largest gathering of human beings in one place peacefully performing religious obligation is itself a miraculous ritual. After that Muslims all around the world perform the sacrifice of animals and the festival lasts for three days. It is during these days when the moon turned red.

If we were living in ‘stone age era’ I would have postulated that enough animal blood has been shed to obey and please the Lord and the moon turning red is witnessing the approval of it. But being the survivals of 21st century, we all know that it has its own scientific reasons which need not to be discussed right now. The good thing is that we can declare ourselves as survivors and witnesses of the blood moon unlike several who have become a part of history as being the animals of sacrifice on the festival.

Speaking of the religious rituals, history is full of the bloodshed in the name of religion to please certain gods, goddesses and supposedly supernatural powers. In my very own country, people are very inspired by the idea of human bloodshed and they can’t find enough pleasure to make circumstances suit for the sacrifice of human beings. During these three days of the festival, along with the sacred blood of animals, comparatively less worthy and filthy blood of human beings was also shed to please the oldest and the strongest of all the antique gods, the human ego.

Four women slaughtered under the shed of ‘honor killing’ because of being involved in some sort of so called illicit affair. I wonder what sort of ‘honor’ gets restored if you murder the persons involved. In one incident a father murdered his own daughter in the name of ‘honor’ declaring himself of having slaughtered the most admired and high ranked of all the animals. Yeah this definitely would have satisfied his ‘god’ and the mood definitely would have witnessed the approval of his sacrificial spirit.

We are the people of a third world under-developed country and whenever some undesired incidence takes place, we turn our heads towards West and States and our tongues can’t get tired of admiring values in those developed countries. We quote the wonderful and magnificent systems of those areas of the world, we take pride of boasting about a few visits of those countries telling the stories of how disciplined people are over there. How much respect is delivered to the animal called ‘Homo-Sapiens’ and after that we start cursing the system here and the people here, totally keeping ourselves apart from the system because of those couple of visits to the developed countries.

But I was really glad to find out that the officials of States are as much dominated by the spirit of sacrifice as the barbarians of the this third world developing country. They also presented their sacrifice at the festival to celebrate the occasion and to show off their unity and appreciation of the Muslim Community. Like the residents of Pakistan, like the father who slaughtered a prestigious animal this year, they also sacrificed about a dozen of Homo-Sapiens during these days of the festival. Unlike the barbarians, their method of performing the ritual is very advance, they do it via drones. And I do not need to mention that whoever gets killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan, was born a militant and a threat to mankind.

But I have a slight objection at the Americans, why do they sacrifice our ‘animals’, why don’t they bring their own animals for slaughter. The Great Britain, always bearing a very high rank amongst the noble and sophisticated nations removed my objection. They sacrifice their own children for the rituals of witch hunting. The figures of children murdered for the reasons of witch hunting are getting higher. I guess it’s not just the barbarians playing the game, some ‘white collar’ nations are also interested in the festival for their own reasons, after all they all have their own lens of watching this world and it’s totally their democratic right to do so.

I would have been wrong to postulate the mood turned red because of ‘animal’ blood shed of the Muslims, it probably witnessed the approval of the bloodshed of humans of the entire planet earth.

Watching this little clip called ‘reality’ from the lens I’m wearing, I am getting certain about the Christian myth that these lunar eclipses are the sign of the ending days of this planet.


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It’s true

That I love you,

Trust it,  and why would you

These are just words, unworthy, undue.


How to make you believe me

You and I are meant to be we,

Through my eyes, can’t you see?

Inside this heart, full of love, there lies a sea.


For you, I’d wait and wait

Till approaches that moment in my fate,

When you arrive back in time or belate

Till the end, for you, I’d wait.


Nobel Prize— for Destruction

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Nobel Prize is considered to be the most prestigious prize in respected fields and the ultimate dream of every person working in the relevant field. The fields into which Nobel Prize is awarded include Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Peace, Literature and Economics. The story of any Nobel Prize Award starts with the devotion of a person conducting research in any of the respected fields and willingly trades his time, efforts, abilities, attributes and life for a glory that he might not even live to see, enjoy and receive. But the gamble’s a successful one, it’s worth it and has been played by many names written in golden in the book of history. The story started with Alfred Nobel, who donated his entire wealth to award prizes to the ones who become the greatest relief to mankind through their work in their field. After the name of Nobel Alfred, the prize was named Nobel Prize.

The approach behind the creation of Nobel Prize was also very noble. The prize admires the efforts of the persons that become the greatest relief to humanity and mankind through their work. It’s worth mentioning that one Pakistani scientist, Dr. Abdul Islam also received a Nobel Prize for his work in Physics. Though the international scientific and intellectual community recognized his services for science and mankind, the person unfortunately could not receive that level of affection from his homeland because of being a part of a condemned religious sect.

The process of evolution has been playing its role in each and every aspect of our lives, ranging from sciences to religion, from peace to war, from emotions of love to feelings of hatred and from ways of living life to ceremonies of death. Mankind has always been resisting to accept a change without its strong efforts of rejecting it and Nobel Prize is no exception. With the passage of time, the cause of creation of Nobel Prize, ‘services to mankind’ evolved in its interpretation by common public and different nations. Different societies claimed their own sense of this cause, like different version of the same religion a conflicted erupted.

The United States of America came forward to serve humanity by gaining dominion to the so called third world, ‘rich in oil’ countries at first and then simultaneously increased attempts against Chinese invasion onto the horizons of the international economics. The manipulation of internal affairs and politics of third world countries is also loaded with the holy spirit of services to humanity and mankind. Israel felt very deprived and restless and then came forward to save this earth from Palestinians. They say that history keeps on repeating itself and probably this is why mankind keeps on resisting the changes of evolution. I wonder why the caretakers of the Nobel Prize awarding committees have been neglecting the efforts of the two renowned states and why didn’t they introduce a new category to the Nobel Prizes, the Nobel Prize in the field of Destruction.

I am pretty much sure that a lot of stakeholders of this newly proposed category are very anxiously waiting of being awarded a Nobel Prize worldwide and that this category would win prizes more than any other and I wonder this is why the caretakers are being reluctant to launch this new category, so to save the prize money.

This reminds me of the words of Pop Francis:

Even today, we raise our hand against our brother.. We have perfected our weapons, our conscious has fallen asleep, and we have sharpened our ideas to justify ourselves as if it were normal. We continue to sow destruction, pain and death.

When i visited a Hospital

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A couple of days ago, I had an appointment for eyes examination. I had been experiencing floaters since the last couple of months. Although this is perfectly normal to experience these but since eyes are precious, I thought to consult the doctor about that. I reached the hospital a little earlier and sat in the waiting room. When you sit in such place, when you see the misery of people, when you see people lying unconscious being taken to different places in the hospital, when you see the pain in the faces of patient’s family members, it’s then you realize how lucky you are for sitting there with nothing major to worry about.

As I sat there, a person was waiting with his father, sitting in the wheel chair, for the staff to take him to the x-ray room. Though his father, who was about in his late 70’s or early 80’s, had lived a life but the guy looked extremely worried about him, holding his hand again and again hoping to suck this pain out of his body. All those years of his life now would have been like yesterday’s dream with the present slipping out of the hand like tiny grains of sand.

In this situation, I realized that I had been constantly ignoring a medium loud but very sharp sound coming continuously into my ears and unconsciously it’s bothering me continuously. I looked at the LCD but it was mute, where the sound was coming from then. Sitting in the same hall, I found a person with a beard holding his cell phone in his hand laughing and gossiping with the person sitting by and continuously playing ‘Naats’ ( the verses you use to praise the Holy Prophet) and reciting a Naat is of course thought to be a good deed as far as religion is concerned. Alhamdulillah I, being a Muslim, listen to Naats and but when I looked around, a hall full of patients, waiting for their turn for the examination to their respective doctor, someone might be diabetic, someone might have hepatitis, someone might have surgical examination, someone might have been suffering from a stroke and when I looked at the worried faces of  family members of those patients and I just knew that what this guy is doing is not a religious good deed rather he’s disturbing the hospital, which should be listed under bad deeds, a sin actually irrespective of the fact that whether he knew it or not.

For a while, I thought to get up and tell him to use a little common sense and turn his cell phone off but as a citizen of Islamic Democratic Pakistan, where when a person wants to murder someone, he says that he insulted the religion and he should be killed, I certainly didn’t want to be a martyred. Bottom line is, I could not stand up and go to that guy. Why, because I’m scared of these people and I’m sick of this sick mentality. Others might have been disturbed as well but like me, no one dared to stand up to say anything. If he wanted to worship, if he wanted to listen to naats, he could have used a head phone.

Reciting Quran and listening to Naats is a good deed, no Muslim can deny it neither am I trying to deny it but Muslims don’t do it for their 24 hours. The Muslim doctors don’t recite verses when they examine a patient, they listen to the patient, concentrate on the treatment of the disease and they don’t turn on their vcd’s or cell phones recording of Naats. This is what I know despite the fact that I am not a genius but you do not need the brain of Einstein to understand that a hospital is not the place for making such noises. People are suffering, if you can’t help them, you don’t increase to their worries. But being a citizen of Islamic Democratic Pakistan, I could not inform that guy of this very little piece of information because I’m scared and I absolutely do not have any idea what version of Islam is being followed here.

And someone’s saying felt very true that:

We can give life for religion, we can take life for religion but we cannot act upon religion.