The Teaser behind the Luster

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It’s been a while I have met my friends. It’s been a while I have chosen to take a drive for myself. It’s been a while I have gone on a vacation. It’s been a while I have witnessed, recognized and admired the people I love, the people who are always there for me and the people I somehow started to take for granted and

it’s been a while I have met myself.


If I had read the above words somewhere, I would have told myself that yeah sure, I know the gesture these words are trying to make and that I certainly do not do that. But it’s been a while that I have told myself the truth.


We all very often come across a legacy someone genius minded graphic designer left us over the internet. It’s a picture comparing a straight line and a curvy line stating the difference between the ideal and actual road to success. Viewing that picture some, including me, remark that oh yeah we already do that. It’s been a while I have caught me lying to myself like that.

Our primitive evolution probably had a lot to do with the physique for the purpose of their mere existence. When apes and Homo-Sapiens would have lived together, body language, expressions, acts of kindness and aggressions might have been the key parameters of survival. They must have left us the heritage as well. When I see the luster of success on a face, I tend to tell myself the sweet lie that people achieve success, fame, power, calm and satisfaction with just a pinch of luck.

When a person aims higher, a spell gets enacted out of nowhere, takes his hand and guides him through the journey of success, fame and glory. And the luster of the appearance, acting, makeup and appearance of the being makes me completely forget about the legacy an anonymous legend has left us. We have buried the philosophy under the mountain of Scientology but the rules are absolute, nature doesn’t change, light doesn’t vary its speed and principles do not bend themselves.




Key to the Time Management

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Time Management


The idea of time management has been around since the dawn of industrial age globally. When people started to learn to adopt the life to live in someone else’s vision. What are the pros and cons of living in someone else’s dream, concept of freedom and slavery, comfort zones, confronting the world and safety, each of these points needs to be debated in real depth. Each needs to be redefined and reviewed into much more depth than we usually care to dive into. It often is very amusing seeing that the world is changing by the mere ticking of clock and yet the phenomena in its true essence is the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

Whether or not should we have adopted this evolutionary route to the state we are currently into is, once again I would say, a very delicate yet necessary debate. But for the time being, here we all are standing side by side to each other and confronting each other as well in this battle to survival. The mechanic lifestyle is now nothing new to us, in fact we assume it to be an essential part of our ‘success’. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that almost every person around us is familiar with the very important concept of time management and how everyone is complaining about how he doesn’t have time to do anything.

I have a privilege of being an engineer and hence being familiar with the sour taste of the curry we call industrialization, hardships of going to a technical job, pressures of conducting projects in time and try to live a life as well. The whole concept of managing things, keeping a balance between professional and personal life, differentiating between being a puppet or a man has been very difficult to understand. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that I spent literally years to find these things out very sorry to tell that I could not understand the essence of concept.

The truth of the matter is that it itches me when I cannot understand a philosophical concept, although we already said a goodbye to philosophy long ago but all these concepts would pride themselves for being under its shade, I assume. I couldn’t understand the idea until one day the phenomena told disclosed itself to me automatically. The secret to time management lies in the shift of our routine practices, the essence lies in doing things not for a lot in little time but doing a little for a lot of time daily. I started to gather pictorial data of daily safety talks, fun activities, ongoing and finished projects and at the end of everyday it seemed like nothing had been accomplished but after a few months when I viewed those pictures and reports, they started making sense.

Even though it felt like we didn’t do anything by the end of every work day, we didn’t stop doing it and after some months, those tiny bits joined themselves to construct a larger picture of accomplished tasks. Same proved to be true for my personal life, my commitments to take care of my health, taking daily runs, finishing the books I started to read and the list goes on. It’s like trying to at a very tall building or a mountain standing beneath it, you cannot take an adequate look. But when you get to some distance, you can truly can see the beauty of its features. That mountain is your life, you cannot have a look at it when you’re very close into it, when you’re living the moment but when you get past that point and have a look, you can truly analyze what happened and what should have happened.

This is why they say that key to living a life is to live each moment and the key to live each moment is to make peace with what you’re doing and to get all the distractions out of your mind otherwise you’re not living the life made of tiny moments, you’re living a life of distractions. How can you expect that to be peaceful, less stressful, happy and satisfied? We bust our peace and health to earn some money and then spend that money to get back the peace and health we already consumed.


Whether it be the life of modern slavery, live it efficiently.





In Search of an Identity

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Identity is the trait of how the brain thinks and how the soul acts. We all have been awarded with similar hardware and yet we all are as different from each other as day and night. Even the person who are alike, share common interests, get excited about same things, tend to dress same are very much different from each other.

We fall for different persons, we like different foods, we have this unique lens, we have tremendously different chemical reactions going on inside our heads and yet we all have the same dummy structure. Since the advent of science, the vastly scattered alike objects are being categorized into groups so to trap the study of trillions of objects to a few groups that behave in a similar manner. But humans couldn’t get categorize the Homo-sapiens.

It all goes on a micro scale when ideas develop and ideologies grow. At one instant, I get proud of being a part of a distinct body and on the other, I start searching myself for the unique traits that I possess and other don’t. I want to believe that I’m special, I’m better, I have a greater cause and I lack the meaning I was meant to have found out by now.

This idea is what drives people to do scary things, to do brutal things. This idea is about the struggle of getting a ticket.. a ticket to heavens. This idea is about discovering those missing parts inside the soul. This idea is about being a part of something much bigger than a single human being. This idea is about being a part of a daring community. This idea is about having an approved identity which one has been searching all through his life. This idea is about finding divine meaning and eternal happiness.

When injected into the minds of weakly wicked souls, this idea propagates like a virus, attacking the immune system, destroying the happy cells and compelling one to do things that he wont even be able to see. This is about taking a revenge, a revenge from the people who are in peace with the fact that you cannot know everything in this short life. A revenge from the people who don’t know what they are going to face next.

It’s when incidents like the California’s Human Hunting happen, when the Paris Attacks are witnessed, when the Syrians get bombarded, when the Palestinians construct pools of blood supplied by innocent children. Geographies are different but the incidents taking place are alike in nature, different ideas from different ideologies trying to conquer each other. They don’t know one mere simple fact that they should just agree to disagree. Live and let the other live.

I really don’t know how to do this…

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Time to Vent

This is long, but I need someone to read it. Please.

My husband is sick. Not like, a head cold sick, but like, his heart doesn’t work right, anymore, sick.

He has heart failure with cardiomyopathy. His resting heart rate is around 128. He is 38 years old.

He was diagnosed with CHF in August of 2013 and treated for a year with medications. His condition didn’t improve, but it didn’t worsen. He was still able to work during that time, even though he was tired all the time. (He worked in maintenance at a prison.) After having a heart cath and finding his ejection fraction around 20-25%, his cardiologists suggested surgery to have an ICD put in. After realizing the importance of this in keeping him from having a sudden fatal heart attack, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. The plans were for him to go back…

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Happy New Year

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In a while there’ll come a new year
Full of hopes and having a little fear
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
For the time being, let’s all cheer

Let’s not forget the friend we’ve seen
It’s our goodbye to the old twenty fourteen
We’ll miss all the packages you delivered
And wonder how with us your stay has been

As free as the wind we all will fly
No matter how hard the rocks are but we’ll try
Time has aged a year, so have grown our lives
To everyone missing, to all who lost us, it’s now time to say goodbye

Technical Era of Modern Slavery

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Slavery can be defined as the legal system or the economic system that treats people as property. In the manner property can be sold or purchased, the slaves can also be sold or purchased. Well in today’s world it’s really very tricky to decide what term should be used, whether I should use that in slavery people ‘can’ be sold or purchased or should I use people ‘could’ be sold or purchased in ancient times.
Slavery is now banned in all the countries on earth. Legislation has taken place condemning the practice of slavery, granting every human being a free air to breath. According to the statistics, in the past, there were some people who had superiority onto others, as their birth right. More often, people born into rich families, having a high cast and a social class in the society conserved their right to have some of the low case, poor people as their slaves.

When history is viewed, it becomes evident that the lower and suppressed class of the society has always been facing the adverse effects of slavery. And that now the tradition has completely vanished in all parts of the worlds, atleast as far as legislation is concerned. Today every human has his rights to spend his life as an independent person. Human rights have to be watched out in prison, during wars, during labor work and every other possible aspect.
Since everything in this world has gone through the process of evolution, so has slavery. When viewed in depth, one can easily recognize that old wine in a new bottle. Humans were slaves to humans, today humans are still the slaves, sometimes of others, sometimes of their own, at other times of the society and of the social customs at some other times. It’s just the slaves have been tied with invisible chains, called responsibilities now a days. A person working in an organization is ‘responsible’ for his part played in the well-being of the company. That performance is going to bring him ‘promotion’ so that he could have some extra bucks in his pocket, to enjoy his quality life.

He goes on working day and night, thus slaughtering his present for the future well-being of the company, with which his own well-being is supposedly connected. Kind of resembles the idea of slavery in older times where the well-being of slaves is conditioned with the well-being of his master, I wonder. Some other person is addicted to follow his yesterday’s dream that tomorrow he’s going to find a treasure only if he keeps on running for today. He’s living his present in pursuing yesterday’s dream to have a tomorrow. Every today starts with the struggle of a better tomorrow and ends with more dreams at the end of the day, we shouldn’t call it slavery at all, or should we?

The industrial revolution, the progressing economies, the urge to have a better tomorrow, the desire of a perfect future has made this present a complete mess. Who knows what whether he’d be there to see the tomorrow and who can have a taste of yesterday as they very wisely say that yesterday’s a history and tomorrow’s a mystery. The only real thing one has in his hand is his present, which is indeed a present for him today. Tomorrow he’d be awarded another ‘present’ for the entire day. This slavery can be ended by personal legislation to dedicate the lifeline of attention and feel to the present moment as what passes away beautifully becomes immortally unchangeable.