Let’s Start New

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Walked toward an end- dead

Laid down, rested his head

Told not to get up

Neither for water, nor for bread


Without the spice, goes that taste

Ran to manage that hasty haste

When bliss is a ‘satisfaction’ from ‘now’

Its ‘now’, he shouldn’t waste


It’s when the hunger of life grew

When he stopped his soul to chew

When he said, “It’s for him this time”

It was then he decided to start anew



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It’s true

That I love you,

Trust it,  and why would you

These are just words, unworthy, undue.


How to make you believe me

You and I are meant to be we,

Through my eyes, can’t you see?

Inside this heart, full of love, there lies a sea.


For you, I’d wait and wait

Till approaches that moment in my fate,

When you arrive back in time or belate

Till the end, for you, I’d wait.


And so it happens in LOVE….. Sometimes!!!!

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Love is just an instance of a man’s life but it’s the story of the life of a woman. This is what a very successful female writer wrote in one of hers novels. It is said that when two people live together, their thinking patterns match with each other’s. But surprisingly there’s a story that comes to my mind by another very successful writer of Pakistan, who happens to be the husband of the woman I just quoted above. The story doesn’t coincide with the statement of a woman’s theory about love. The story goes this way:

I was very close to my elder brother who used to love me very much. I used to share everything with him, I used to child him on everything and yet he never got back to me onto anything. He always just stood there, with a smile on his face and was ready to give me a hug when I finished. It is one cold afternoon and I am on the roof of my house. I am looking at a groom who’s waiting for his bride and I know that beneath this roof, my brother is also looking at same scene. I once read my brother’s diary in his absence onto which he had written about the same girl who was the bride now. The diary said the following:

It was a very fine day today, I had been talking to her the entire day. She kept on laughing at her silly jokes, we played and then I read her a book. While listening to me, she constantly played with a ring on my finger. I stopped for a while and asked her that why women have always been fond of jewelry. She said it’s just not about jewelry, it’s about the person who’s wearing it. That day it felt that I am the richest of all the persons in this world. I have the one I love and who loves me back even more, though what she said is very small but what she said is very deep.

And today when the bride came, she didn’t even look at my brother like she never knew him and went away with her groom in a very magnificent ride. All my brother is left with are the memories enclosed in those pages of his diary.

When a woman writes today, she claims that love is the story of the life of a woman and it’s just an instance of a man’s life. Even today, according to the statistics researched, women are responsible for most of the breakups and according to the statistics stated by women, women are the ones being the victims of these relationships. Even today, it’s thought that a man moves onto some other woman right after his breakup with one. But on the contrary, according to a latest research, men are most affected when a relationship ends and but still, according to a woman, it’s the life of a woman which is most affected out of a relationship.

This reminds me of the fact that very cruel things can come out of a person who thinks of himself as a victim (and in this case, thinks of herself as a victim).

Lovely Concepts of Love in East

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This is exactly what my brain says to my heart but it adds that if you love ‘her’ again, I’ll kill you. This is how we perceive love in east. Relationships are not as easily made and are not as disposable as in the west. You fall for someone, you get married and you are supposed to live with that person for the rest of your life. The concept of family and combined family system is still seen here in east. People contradict with each other and tend to be harsh on each other only as a manifestation of their love for each other.

More or less same is the case with the relationships involving two persons. When they fall for each other, they just cannot help it. They fall for each other, every day for the rest of their lives. I always wondered what love exactly is. Is it something spiritual, is it something psychological or is it something physical? Why and how can a person devote his/her life unconditionally for just one single person? Every human being is more or less like a piece of a gadget that you might want to get rid of after excessively experiencing it. Like gadgets, humans have their own limitations, humans have their own undesirable traits, humans have their own unwanted behaviors and humans have their very own attitudes.

I figured it out when instead of a gadget, I fell in love with a person. That day I figured out that love is not spiritual neither psychological nor physical. That day I realized love is personal and medicinal and it’s an addiction, an amazing and quite shocking discovery. You get pleasure just for feeling the presence of someone around you and you get pleasure for just listening to the voice of that person. I never found such an effective anxiety treatment than to just listen to what she has to say to me. I know the words already but when they come from her, they feel fresh, they feel new, they bear this charm and they have this deep penetration down to my soul.

But in the east, where love feels this way, unfortunately social factors are stronger and more important than those two persons involved. It’s just not those two people get to decide about their lives rather these are the social customs that take major and important decisions. Long story short, at times, there are breakups not because of the clash of the persons involved but because of the clash of social customs. They say time heals what medicines can’t but someday when you fell the presence of the same person around you, when you surprisingly find that person in front of you, when you have that aroma of love once again, when you fall for the same person once again, it’s unwanted, it’s magical and it’s painful. You can feel the aroma for a while but can never hold it into your hands. Tonight when that pleasant pain rushed back to me that is when my brain, in concussion, said to my heart,’’ if you love her again, I will kill you.’’ And my heart said, smiling, to my brain,’’ I just skipped a beat when she looked at me.’’


Would you rather drown or be burnt alive?

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FRIENDS, no doubt, is the forever hit of all the times of all the sitcoms. Like most others, I was also a huge fan and was a regular viewer of the show. The characters were easy for everyone to relate them to his or her life and the show not only provided entertainment to the people but also taught a lot about very small yet very important aspects of life.

I always get a little judgmental about Ross Geller when it comes to his conversations with Rachel when he’s trying to ‘make a move’ towards Rachel. Those little embarrassing moments of conversations, incompletely delivered expressions, lack of right words at the right time and basically the freaking out of Ross in front of Rachel.

I always ask myself why he doesn’t spill out what he wants to say. Why he doesn’t make his point clear. Why he keeps on proving himself a stupid person. Being a PHD of Paleontology, Dr. Ross Geller doesn’t seem to be smart at all when it comes to relationships. And the situation gets extremely hilarious when he brings Chandler to talk to a couple of unknown ladies in the Central Perk café when he finds out that Rachel is seeing some guy from her office.

He sees them holding a newspaper, reads a news about flood and asks those women the very memorable question. ‘’Would you rather drown or be burnt alive?’’ is what comes out of his mouth. I laughed out not only on the situation but also on the fact that how come a person who hopes to get a girl impressed can come up with this as a starter for the conversation.

Well they say you don’t know it unless you experience it. A friend of mine has a huge crush on a girl, literally obsessed with her. The guy’s pretty smart when it comes to regular stuff and pretty much Ross Geller when it comes to making conversations with that girl. He goes to her, talks stupid and keeps on complaining that she didn’t respond well. He gets fainted when he goes to her and always does something stupid, realizes that he just made a blunder and then leaves the place under pressure without even saying goodbye to the girl.

When I debate the side of the girl, she might think of him as almost an insane person, who comes to her to talk to her, talks stupid and runs away. When I listen to my friends, he feels too much pressure when he goes to her. And when I see him going to that girl, I see Ross Geller going to that girl over and over again to ask her ‘Would you rather drown or be burnt alive?’