Things that Matter

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In search of an answer

I roamed here and there

Jut to find out

It’s where the heart lies that matter


The key to all the riddles lies inside

Have to make oneself uncover, unhide

You always know what you’re looking for

Call by the obstacles and take a ride


Sit back, relax, it’s you, you should flatter

Heads up, hopes high, don’t let the courage scatter

Success is not a destination but a mere attitude

In the end, these are the things that truly matter




Let’s Start New

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Walked toward an end- dead

Laid down, rested his head

Told not to get up

Neither for water, nor for bread


Without the spice, goes that taste

Ran to manage that hasty haste

When bliss is a ‘satisfaction’ from ‘now’

Its ‘now’, he shouldn’t waste


It’s when the hunger of life grew

When he stopped his soul to chew

When he said, “It’s for him this time”

It was then he decided to start anew

And so it Happens

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And so it happens they say
Live the moment while you may,
For the moments fly on the ride of time
Then there’s no harmony there’s no rhyme.

There will be something, some other day
You’ll find her somehow, in some way,
All you need is to hold on
It’s not everytime that you get con.

It’s just a spell of your own mind
Don’t let the call get you from behind,
Look up for your destined shine
It’ll be all right, you’ll be just fine.

Lifelong Independence

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Today on 14th of August 2014, it’s the birthday of Islamic Democratic Pakistan. They say that the country was founded 68 years ago on the very same day. They say that the nation got free 68 years ago on the very same day. They say that a new country was born, which was much more than just a piece of land, 68 years ago on the very same day. They say that the foundation of Islamic Democratic of Pakistan is based on the rigid structure and traditions of the marvelous Muslim Society and of the supreme religion, Islam. They say to the new generation that we all are breathing in a free, fair, peaceful and prosperous society which wasn’t so about 68 years ago.

History for the struggle of freedom is full of the list of martyred for a new country, is full of the sacrifices people made for the establishment of the country, is full of the struggle of millions for a separate homeland, Is full of the emotions connected to the vision for a new country, is full of the dreams people had when talking about this land and that history for the struggle of freedom is written on the pages of time with the blood of the Muslims when the Muslim nation dreamed of becoming a separate and independent ‘nation’.

This is the history as we have been taught throughout our lives, this is the history that is repeated every year on Independence Day, debates are held every time refreshing the memories of ‘nation’ about the past and this is the history we are supposed to remember for the rest of our life. There was a vision behind the establishment of Islamic Democratic of Pakistan which had its unique aroma that made the ‘Muslim Nation’ prominent amongst other nations of sub-continent. Muslims had their own social and cultural values, Muslims had their own ways of living this life, Muslims had their own complete religion to follow and Muslims had their own morals. This vision enabled the Muslims of the sub-continent to achieve a separate country.

While studying the history, I used to tell myself that there were ‘Muslims’ in sub-continent in older times, I used to tell myself that there was a ‘Muslim Nation’ in sub-continent in older times, I used to tell myself that there used to be a ‘vision’ for the establishment of Islamic Democratic Pakistan and I used to tell myself that there was once a Pakistan and that one day we all will migrate to that newly established fort of the Muslim world namely Islamic Democratic Pakistan. It was very unfortunate and shocking to realize that I have been living in the same country. I never found things like vision, justice, peace, prosperity and freedom in the piece of land we live in. I never witnessed the practice of the true spirit of religion rather I could never find the ‘correct version of religion’ in this piece of land. I never noticed the practices of cultural and religious values, I never witnessed the rule of law, I never witness justice being awarded on equality and impartial basis and I never witnessed the aroma of being a part of one so called ‘nation’.

Even today, overflowing with the brotherhood of being a part of a single magnificent Muslim nation, one political party is having a long march against the government towards Islamabad, the capital of Islamic Democratic Pakistan. A leader of a religious sect is holding a Revolutionary March alongside of the same political party towards the same destination. Most magnificently the govt. of Islamic Democratic Pakistan, the representatives of the Muslim Society and the rulers of the Muslim Fort are doing all they can do to suppress the rebellion. State police has been set up against the opposition, cities have being sealed, roads have been blocked with containers, any sort of movement is prohibited, and people have been dying to reach out to pharmacies and hospitals.

And they say that the new generation is breathing in a ‘free air’, they say that Islamic rules and regulations have been practicing in this country, they say that Islamic Democratic Pakistan has its own aroma that distinguishes it from other nations, they say that cultural values can be seen very easily, they say that human beings are being respected in this newly founded country, they say that the vision behind the establishment of Islamic Democratic Pakistan is being fully practiced here and they say that this is the same country that was separately founded for the Muslims of the sub-continent, ending my search and quest of migration to a free, fair and square Islamic Democratic Pakistan in despair.

I wonder which revolution would prove be last one before Pakistan becomes Islamic Democratic Pakistan.

Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another. (And in our case, freeing this nation was one thing and the ownership of that freed nation was another.)

General Rules of Loyal Morality

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Islamic Democratic Pakistan is a developing, progressing and emerging country, atleast this is what the statistics say and atleast this is what I have observed all through my life. Still there are a lot of set-backs and a lot of things need to be improved. One of the major set-backs in the country is the power crisis and as a result, we have electrical power load shedding at regular intervals. This is not pleasant undoubtedly but on the brighter aspect, people claim to have discovered their families during these hours of power load shedding more like the concept of ‘family therapy’ in well developed countries, we get this treatment of family therapy forcefully and for free.

During such a session, sitting with my family discussing random topics, there was a discussion on the people who have served Pakistan with their lives, with their properties, with their services, with their intellect and with their love. For instance, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, donated his entire property to the educational institutes but his granddaughter is living an unknown life of misery in the same country that he founded. Soldiers who get martyred and give away their lives for the country enter their names in the list of ‘golden people’ but the families remain in suffering behind them.

While discussion, I said something unintentionally that has kept my attention since that moment. I said that in order to live a prosperous life, one should not be so selfless. I have been wondering about the authority of this statement since that time. We have been taught about not being too selfish, we have been taught to have soft corners for others but a session just ended at a conclusion that we should not be selfless.

Theoretically this is not true but practically I suffered it when I became too selfless to fall in love with her and she couldn’t become too selfless to love me back and I suffered that. I became selfless when I assigned that much of my love, respect, devotion, affection, honesty and sincerity to her and she didn’t even acknowledge that and i suffered that. I became selfless when I waited for hours and days for her just to show up and she didn’t even care to let me clarify my stance and i suffered that as well. I became selfless and as the historical evidences dictate, the ones who become selfless are the ones who suffer in the end and so did I.

Yes, I posed a correct statement. One should not spend a selfless life. One should be very selfish and possessive about one’s life and one’s priorities because at the end of the day all that matters is the quality of this once awarded life that you spend. I never had a doubt about what I said about being selfless, rather what struck me most is the doubtful authority of the moral principles that teach us to have a soft corners for others, that teach us to live for others, that teach us to respect others and that teach us to return good when someone does good to you. I am afraid of the moral customs carved inside my character because I am afraid that this currency is no more the current currency of the world we live in today.

Watch your tho…

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Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

They say you are what your thoughts are. How a man can be something else than what he thinks for his 24 hours. Today the neuroscience has proved that the associating patterns of neurons in human brain change as one thinks on different perspectives. The thoughts of a person affect him not only spiritually but also physically. These thoughts make us what we are and these are these thoughts than indeed decide one’s destiny.